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Here at Good Night Health, we believe that sleep is vital for your health and well-being.  Sleep is so much more than a chance to check out and rest.

Yet good deep sleep is not always easy achieve. A busy day might leave you exhausted and desperate to sleep, but for some reason, your brain is unable to switch off and you’re only able to sleep in fits and starts.

Perhaps you have sleep apnea which repeatedly wakes you through the night, or perhaps you have a partner who snores and prevents you from drifting off at all.

On the flipside, remember the times you’ve realised it’s too dangerous to drive, because you can’t trust yourself to not fall asleep?  Reason tells you you should be able to, but reality reminds you that sometimes you simply can’t keep your eyes open.

Lack of sleep can leave you operating on autopilot the next day, your over-tiredness resulting in a low mood, a lack of energy and little interest in things, not to mention your propensity to fall asleep when you shouldn’t.

The fact that sleep is so difficult to control is a testament to its power.

The real purpose of sleep is to allow your body to perform hundreds of biological processes that are vital to your health, from the formation of collagen to the elimination of toxins in the brain, without hinderance and stimulation from the outside world. It all goes on whilst you sleep, repairing synapses, rejuvenating cells, recharging muscles, quietly and efficiently housekeeping your body and brain, so you are ready to face the day fit for purpose.

So, when lack of sleep, for whatever reason, means these processes aren’t taking place, this is when your body starts to suffer and fail; small things at first like those bags under your eyes and forgetting your keys, to much bigger health issues as your immune system is disrupted and you have increased risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Lack of sleep is a big deal and that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve developed a range of products that target specific problems that can inhibit your sleep and tackle them with simple yet effective solutions that work. Helping you attain the deep and restorative sleep you need so you can face the new day refreshed and ready for action. We want you to get the Good Night you need every night.


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