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Good Night Snore Guard Snoring Mouth Guard

The Snoreguard Snoring Mouth Guard gently holds your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. Completely painless, this has the effect of widening the upper airway, so air can pass through unobstructed, which prevents snoringSnore Guard comes with a discreet case for easy storage when you’re not wearing it.


If your other half is regularly digging you in the ribs or, hopefully, turning you on to your side more gently, it’s highly-likely a snoring mouth guard could work for you. There are quite a few alternatives on the market and you could be talked into going straight for a - wait for it - mandibular manipulation device (also known as a mandibular advancement device) these can cost four figures. We recommend you try a snoring mouthpiece.

There’s also the Good Night Snoring Ring, which uses acupressure and is worn only at night on the little finger. Yes, it works, but be careful to get a genuine one. There are lots of poor quality copies out there on the market.

One more thing: trying both might just be perfect for you. Let’s see what offers pop up on checkout…